Family Medicine Residency Looking to Transition to EMR for Medical Brigades

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    Liz Flory 1 year ago

    I am a part of a family medicine residency who travels to Honduras four times a year to provide medical care to a rural community. In the past we have used paper charting, however we are looking to transition to an EMR, and piloting the EMR stateside with stateside wifi while performing telemedicine appointments with our patients In Honduras. 

    How would I go about downloading or access the software? Thank you!


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    Sarah Draugelis 1 year ago
    Hi Liz! Thank you for reaching out. There is nothing to download as fEMR is a web app. You can check out the demo that is always available here on our website. There is an online version of fEMR, but it has much less capabilities than the offline version of fEMR as it was designed for community screening events only (and therefore does not have a pharmacy functionality, etc.). The better solution may be for us to send you the offline version of fEMR for you to pilot in your telemedicine appointments. We will reach out shortly!

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