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    Garrett Westley 2 years ago
    Hi Team,

    I am investigating an issue that appears when nurses are downloading a form from a case/patient file, the form is downloading the pdf correctly; however, when trying to open the form in a browser (Chrome) it gives a message of "Please wait... If this message is not eventually replaced".  I feel like this is a check inside of the pdf itself for a version/installation of adobe reader and replacing the content appropriately should the computer not be compatible. 

    The problem I have is that the company I have just started with replaced all of their nurses equipment with Chromebooks - so I cannot just install acrobat reader.  Thus none of them can open the pdf on the machine.  I am looking into other addons from the store that may get around this but was wondering if you had any suggestions.  

    Thank you!


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    Ken Dunlap 2 years ago

    Hey Garrett,

    Thanks for reaching out! We have not run across this issue before, but after a quick check, it sounds like your thoughts on there being a check inside the PDF might be correct.

    Looking at the fEMR code for PDF generation, it seems there haven't been any updates to the PDF generation library we are using in a while. Its possible updating this library could fix your issue, or there could be some setting the library we aren't considering as well.

    I'd love to dig into this a bit more, but will need a few days to diagnose and come up with a solution. Some more information from your side of things would be helpful also so we can try to recreate the issue on our end. Would you mind shooting me a quick email with the version of Chrome and the version of fEMR being used?

    Thanks again!


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