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Florida State University College of Medicine -
Students Interested in Global Health -

Visited Locations (1)

Countries: Nicaragua

Months of Travel: March, June, August and December

Year Initiated: 2007

Total Yearly Outreach Participants: 60-75

Matriculants per class: 120

Medical School Involvement: M1, M2, M4

Other participating professional schools:

FSU College of Nursing

Faculty and staffing:

2-5 faculty per trip, usually 2 resident physicians per trip

Application process:

Short essays and short answers to one-page questionnaire

Program elements:

Provide primary care services to a village of about 4000 people. We purchase almost all meds in country and give patients enough meds at each visit to last until our next visit.

Financial support:

Student fundraising events (talent show and other fundraisers), Dean support of about $5,000 -8,000/year miscellaneous faculty donations.

Faculty time allotted:

Faculty who volunteer can have this serve as “assigned teaching” and thus do not use limited vacation or professional time

Administrative support:

Leader of the program is also Dept. Chair. His exec assist. Helps manage pre-departure paperwork and coordination




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