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University at Buffalo-
Honduras Medical Mission Project

Visited Locations (1)

Countries: Honduras

Months of Travel: 10 days to 2 weeks

Year Initiated: 1994

Total Yearly Outreach Participants: about 30 people

Matriculants per class: 140

Medical School Involvement:

Other participating professional schools:

School of Public Health (occas.), undergraduates sometimes, students from PA programs here in Buffalo also often come. OT and PT students have also participated.

Faculty and staffing:

Volunteer physicians from Family Med., Infectious Diseases, and doctors in private practice.

Application process:

E-mail Dr. Leroy (Lee) McCune. drmccune@yahoo.com
2- page Application form.

Program elements:

We incorporate research on water microbiology and environmental microbiology into our project, and distribute water filters in poor neighborhoods where the water supply is intermittent.

Financial support:

none; participants must come up with the funds to participate; participation costs are mostly tax deductible, however.

Faculty time allotted:

UB does not allow its faculty any time off for this. We must use our own vacation time to participate.

Administrative support:

This is not an official trip sponsored by the University at Buffalo; UB is too afraid of legal liability and does not sponsor any medical missions trips at all to my knowledge. This is a faith-based trip, and many of our colleagues in Honduras are evangelical Christians, but participants are not required to belong to a particular church to come. However, out of respect to our hosts, participants must not smoke or consume alcohol while in the dormitories or Hope Center where we stay.



NGO/In Country Partners

  • Tabernáculo de Sion Church
  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, Microbiology Dept.
  • Storehouse Mission Support